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When will I receive my order?

Orders are despatched on weekdays before 3pm. If you order later than this it will be sent on the next working day.

Royal Mail 1st Class can take up to 3 working days after the day of despatch.
Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day Before 1pm will arrive before 1pm the next working day after despatch. Items sent on Friday will arrive Monday. Signature required.
Royal Mail SATURDAY Special Delivery Before 1pm Will be sent out on Friday for Delivery Saturday before 1pm. Signature required.

The only suitable Seal-Tight is longer than I need. Will it be ok?

That's no problem. The length only becomes an issue if there isn't enough of it. Seal-Tight doesn't have to be pulled on to the maximum and the bag is soft, so extra length doesn't matter.

'Wide' or 'Normal' versions of the adult short arm/leg. What's the difference?

There isn't any need to be very accurate as there's a good overlap between all the different models. As a rule of thumb, for Wide Short Leg or Short Leg, measure the circumference of the widest part that needs to be protected - normally the calf. If the measurement exceeds 16" / 40cm, then go for the Wide Short Leg - if less, the Short Leg will be fine. For Wide Short Arm or Short Arm, there are two variables. If you have fractured your thumb, then it will probably be cast sticking out, in which case, go for the Wide Short Arm. If it's a different fracture, then again measure the circumference at widest point - if more than 13" / 35cm, the Wide Short Arm will be easier to apply - if less, the standard Short Arm is the one.

Can I wear the child version if the length is more suitable?

Only if you are a child! People all differ, but as a guide, we say if up to 10 years of age, go for the children's model, otherwise the adult is more likely to be a better fit. The seal on the Child models would be too tight on a regular adult.

Can I use a Seal-Tight Original whilst swimming?

That depends on how active you intend to be. Seal-Tight Original can be fully submerged without any problem, so if it's a matter of keeping cool in a pool, then no problem. If however you are intending to "go for it", there's a risk that water turbulence as you are kicking or striking out could dislodge the seal and the closer to the extremity (foot or hand) the seal happens to be, the higher the risk. The Seal-Tight Sport would be more appropriate. It won't last quite as long as the Original but it's good for the holidays - particularly the young ones.

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